Get Involved

How can you help KCABJ?

The Kansas City Association of Black Journalists is engaged in the community, committing to serve at every
level to help ensure African-American and other people of color are accurately portrayed. You can get involved by doing any of
the following:

  • Request an appearance by one of the award winning KCABJ Board members.

  • Host a community discussion on an event that impacts people of color.

  • Acknowledge and report when local media outlets provide misinformation or skewed portrayals of people of color.

  • Encourage local high school and college students to participate in the Urban Student Journalism Academy.

  • Choose to financially support any of the scholarships KCABJ awards annually.

  • Open a student KCABJ chapter at your school.

  • Encourage other members of the Greater Kansas City minority media community to participate in monthly membership meetings.