Welcome to the official website for the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists (KCABJ). The Kansas City Chapter is home to some of the most distinguished journalistic talent in the country. By cultivating future journalists while still in high school and college, KCABJ invests in the future and longevity of local African-American media professionals for years to come.

Mission Statement

KCABJ'S mission is to strengthen ties among African-Americans in the media, while sensitizing the media to institutional racism in the news coverage and in employment practices.




  • Promote accurate, balanced, fair and complete coverage by the media of African-Americans and other persons
    of color in Greater Kansas City.

  • Encourage schools to hire, promote and grant tenure to African-American journalism professors.

  • Work with high schools and colleges to identify, encourage and guide potential journalists.

  • Encourage area media companies to develop, recruit, hire and promote African-American journalists.

  • Through continuing education, help prepare African-American journalists for managerial and supervisory positions.